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A family physician, not a career politician.

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is representing our rural, Texas values with integrity.

Move the Mountain Project: A pat on the back goes out to volunteer citizens in Brady that are working to remove an eyesore and health/safety hazard on the west side of town in an area known as "The Mexican Colony." An unsuccessful tire recycling business left a mountain of tires that has been sitting there for years. Efforts to get the city, county and state agencies to remedy the situation were unsuccessful, so local activist Shelia Hemphill took up the cause, enlisted volunteers, and started a fund raising effort to do something about the situation. Two workdays were scheduled and almost half of the tires have been hauled to a recycling operation in Dallas. Recognition for their efforts goes out to Russ McElrath of Youngblood Tire Company, Davenport Trucking, Bill Roddie for supplying a front-end loader, Max Mahan Trucking, and Rosie Aguirre for organizing lunch for the volunteers. The Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce contributed $1,800 to the cause. For years Fernando Nandin and Junior Nandin have worked tirelessly to bring attention to the problem in their community. Ed Hernandez helped bring attention to the situation by writing an article and getting it published in the San Angelo Standard-Times. Several adults and high school students turned out to help load the tires. Congratulations to all who had a part in working to clean up this part of Brady.

"My calling is to serve people and that's what I do every day."

- Dr. J.D. Sheffield

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