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A family physician, not a career politician.

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is representing our rural, Texas values with integrity.

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There is a high to moderate risk of flash flooding across a large portion of Texas overnight tonight. Nighttime flooding can be particularly dangerous. Remember to obey ALL road closure signs and NEVER cross flooded roadways no matter what kind of vehicle you drive or if you think you know how deep the water is! Do you know someone in these risk areas? If so, please share, and encourage them to Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Today Brady, Texas hosted the Texas Mission of Mercy event that is designed to deliver dental care at no cost to underserved Texans. The mobile clinic expected to meet the dental needs of 200-300 people. Twenty-five dentists from across the state volunteered their services. Local dentist Susan Jolliff headed up today's event. Scores of volunteers from the Brady area and across the state were there to lend a helping hand. TMOM is sponsored by the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation and supported by the Texas Dental Association.

"My calling is to serve people and that's what I do every day."

- Dr. J.D. Sheffield

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