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A family physician, not a career politician.

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is representing our rural, Texas values with integrity.


These photos were taken in and around Richland Springs. On May 25 they had an extremely damaging storm move through the area. It had straight line winds of 85 mph, softball size hail and lots of rain. Most windows on the north and east side of buildings were knocked out or damaged. A disaster relief fund has been established in the community.


Tonight in Comamche the Texas Public Policy Foundation held a public meeting to question the value of wind farms in the area. Over 100 residents attended the presentation.


After meeting in De Leon last week, the Comanche County Taxpayer Co-op met tonight in Comanche. Their purpose is to get a handle on rapidly rising property appraisals in the county. Well over 200 people attended this event.

"My calling is to serve people and that's what I do every day."

- Dr. J.D. Sheffield

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