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A family physician, not a career politician.

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is representing our rural, Texas values with integrity.


Hard to find a better guy than this one. Ken Harris’s is retiring after 40 years and 9 months with the same company. Most recently he was the Area Manager of Customer Operations for ONCOR out of the Brownwood office. It is rare these days for someone to spend that length the time with one company. Pat Ann Wilson (black sweater) will be assuming his position with the company. Congratulations Ken!


Citizens in Somervell County are concerned about the proliferation of sand and gravel operations in their county. Today they met with representatives from local government, TCEQ, TxDOT and DPS to get answers to some of their questions. This was a very informative meeting.


Despite the damp weather, there is plenty going on at the Annual Pow Wow in Comamche City Park. You can find food, a car show, art show, music, dancers and plenty of vendors this year. The Pow Wow continues tomorrow.

"My calling is to serve people and that's what I do every day."

- Dr. J.D. Sheffield