About Dr. J.D. Sheffield

Dr. J.D. Sheffield is a family physician, not a career politician. He is currently Medical Director at Coryell Medical Clinic and Chief of Staff at Coryell Memorial Hospital. A physician for 22 years, Dr. Sheffield has devoted his life’s work to caring for families in our part of Texas.

Dr. Sheffield was elected State Representative in 2012. After taking office, he voluntarily gave up any state pension for his service because he believes that elected officials should serve the people – not the other way around.

In his two terms in office, Dr. Sheffield earned a reputation as a rural conservative who puts the families of his district first. As a member of the budget-writing Appropriations Committee, he helped to draft a conservative budget that holds state spending below the rate of population growth and inflation, protects the Rainy Day Fund, and provides $3.8 billion in tax relief. He also helped to make public schools a budget priority by providing $1.5 billion in new resources and supporting retired teachers.

As a physician, Dr. Sheffield understands first-hand that Obamacare is a disaster and is working to develop Texas solutions to our state’s healthcare challenges. He was also named a “pro-life champion” for helping to pass landmark pro-life legislation that will save countless unborn lives.

Dr. Sheffield supported the Pastor Protection Act to protect the religious liberty of clergy and religious organizations, and he also voted to keep Christ in Christmas by protecting the right of Texas schoolchildren and teachers to say “Merry Christmas” and display Christian symbols such as Nativity scenes.

Dr. Sheffield holds a Concealed Handgun License and is a defender of Second Amendment rights. That is why he supported landmark “open carry” legislation, voted to protect gun shows from liberal attacks, and to ensure the right of law abiding Texans to safely carry and store firearms in their personal vehicles.

Politicians today are quick to pander and make empty promises, but Dr. J.D. Sheffield has proven himself a defender of rural Texas values and American freedoms in both words and actions.

Dr. Sheffield lives in a small town outside of Gatesville, Texas, where he serves on the board of directors of his local volunteer fire department. He previously served on the board of his local Boys and Girls Club. He is a member of Coryell Community Church in Gatesville.


Dr. JD Sheffield

"Most folks in our district don't have a big pension and they don't expect their elected leaders to have one either and that's why I turned mine down."