A Conservative Record of Standing Up for our Values

Fighting to Save Rural Nursing Homes and Healthcare

As a family physician, Dr. Sheffield knows first-hand that Obamacare is a disaster. He is fighting back by defending rural healthcare and rural nursing homes from devastating regulations, earning him “Legislator of the Year” honors by the Texas Health Care Association.

Defending the Second Amendment

Helped to pass “open carry” legislation, voted to protect the constitutional right for gun shows, and greatly reduced LTC (CHL) license fees.

Protecting Human Life with New Pro-Life Laws

ENDORSED by TWO major pro-life groups for jointly authoring one of Governor Abbott’s pro-life priorities, banning partial birth abortion, and eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood

Supporting Texas Public Schools

Worked to reverse devastating funding cuts to our public schools, reduce standardized testing, improve accountability, and honor the promises made to our retired teachers.

Standing up for Religious Freedom

Helped pass the “Pastor Protection Act” into law to defend religious freedom, and supported legislation to keep “Christ” in Christmas in Texas public schools.

Passed $5.1 Billion in Tax Relief

Worked to pass tax relief totalling $5.1 billion-and he is fighting for more, including property tax cuts and appraisal reform. Dr. Sheffield also serves on the committee that wrote some of the most conservative budgets in Texas history.

Securing the Texas Border

Co-sponsored a ban on sanctuary cities and co-authored the first permanent plan to secure the Texas-Mexico border to stop smugglers, traffickers, and illegal immigration


Dr. Joe Pojman / Texas Alliance for Life

"J.D. Sheffield is a pro-life champion. It is critical to have conservative, pro-life physicians like Rep. J.D. Sheffield in the legislature to stand up for the health and well-being of all Texans, including mothers and unborn babies."